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Residential Investment

Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned veteran, we can help you find the next property to add to your real estate portfolio. Our residential investment team focuses on properties from 1-4 units. We offer everything from purchasing to professional property management, working continually to grow and diversify your portfolio. 

Step 1/ Buy New Properties

Step 2/ Value Existing Properties

Step 3/ Professionally Manage

Step 4/ Grow Portfolio

Utah single family home white with pink roof and green yard

Buying a Property

Residential Investing is 1- 4 Doors

It is all about you! What are your investing goals? Are you looking to add properties to your portfolio? Are you wanting to buy your first? Are you hoping to 1031 your existing properties into something new?

Real estate wealth is the ideal source of passive income. After your initial investment, you will be able to collect not only monthly cashflow, but your property will grow in value over time while your tenants pay off your loan principal. To protect your time and enable you to scale, we offer full service property managementUtah's real estate market is exploding and we are here to help you get your share.

Investment Search
Residential real estate investment property in utah

Ready to expand your investments?

Make the move from residential real estate to commercial real estate. Our agents will help you find the best deal.

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Property Management

After securing successful investments it is time to care of those properties. Allow us to do the heavy lifting so that you can stay focused on what you do best.

Porter Criddle
/ Agent, Realtor


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/ Agent, Realtor
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/ Associate Broker

Residential TEAM

Our residential team includes certified and experienced realtors who focus on finding a property that will provide value to you for years to come. Not only will they find the deal, but they will negotiate and secure the best deal possible.


/ Principal Broker

Learn more about Utah investing

Please add your information and our residential team can contact you about exciting opportunities!

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