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Utah Commercial Real Estate Investments

Brokerage & Portfolio Management

Full-service brokerage servicing the Salt Lake City metropolitan area since 2008. Our core clients include high net worth investors, family offices, corporate tenants, private equity, & sponsors in the Utah market.

We offer representation in

  • Direct real estate allocations

  • Strategic wealth growth

  • 1031 exchange & tax strategy

  • Asset preservation

  • Value-add

  • Operations & asset stabilization

Looking to invest in the Wasatch Front? We invite you to take advantage of our services. 

Lush Dental Co commercial office building

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IRA has evolved a bespoke investor service package through decades of experience while working alongside savvy clients and shrewd investors. Our commercial brokers & team assist in buying, selling, property management, leasing, filling occupancy, value-add, development, 1031 exchange, building real estate portfolios, financial analysis, and price opinions. 

IRA transacted on over $103M 

in volume in 2021.


IRA corporate real estate division allows businesses to outsource all real estate needs to IRA as a strategic growth partner. Our capable team assists with site selection, strategic real estate growth planning, relocation, build-to-suit, buying, leasing, renewals, facility operations, selling, buy vs lease analysis, and sale vs leaseback analysis. 

Commercial utah buildling in salt lake city

How it Works

Investors & Owner/User 

Looking to buy, sell, or lease a commercial asset? IRA offers representation in purchasing, operating, selling & leasing investment and corporate assets, servicing investors, owner/users, corporate tenants & franchisees.

1031 Exchange

IRA is vastly experienced in representing the brokerage component of 1031 transactions on both the "up leg" in selling the relinquished property, and the "down leg" of securing & closing on exchange property.

Value-Add & Development

IRA is vastly experienced in representing the brokerage component of 1031 transactions on both the "up leg" in selling the relinquished property, and the "down leg" of securing & closing on exchange property.

Full Service Solution

IRA is a Salt Lake organically grown brokerage & team with $380M+ of assets under management in Utah.  Our services include sales, leasing  property management, consulting, reporting, and financials analysis.

Outdoor retail strip mall in Utah

1031 Exchange

Can IRA help with a 1031 property exchange?

IRS tax code 1031 provides guidelines for sellers to 1031 exchange into other "like-kind" real estate under very specific guidelines, to defer paying capital gains tax and depreciation recapture on the sale. We represent clients through the process of selling relinquished property, identifying exchange properties, closing, and coordinating with the client's 1031 accommodator. 

The IRS Tax code is structured to give individuals incentives to do things for the government and community, which the government cannot do itself. Therefore, to motivate investors to purchase, hold, and improve properties, the IRS offers the tax shelter of depreciation and bonus depreciation. The government likes real estate transactions in the economy, thereby the 1031 Exchange was created to defer the tax burden to investors, allowing them to roll into equal or greater "like-kind" properties. This defers the capital gains tax being paid on the sale, thereby allowing the tax savings to be reinvested with the profits into the next property. In turn, this encourages investors to leverage up in value multiple times, over a lifetime, for continued depreciation benefits.




Our experts provide full development services from the conceptual design stage through construction, operation, and exit.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships within The Greater Salt Lake area, on understanding local building codes, and on our goal to improve our State by developing remarkable communities. We understand the market and how to source deals, and constantly work to meet all investment mandates of JV Partners & Clients. 


IRA and its partners offer substantial experience in design/architecture, financing, equity, entitlements, construction management, and property management.


IRA and its partners are always looking for strategic capital partners, private equity, and JV relationships with family offices, high net-worth individuals, or funds.

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IRA Preferred Development Partner & Associate Company

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Fully Managed Solution

IRA is a one-stop-shop for all your real estate investment needs

Investing in real estate is exciting! But there is a lot more than just touring the property and finding the funds, not to mention what comes after you close. At Investment Realty Advisors we are here to support you, we have the capacity to run the operation for you, thus allowing you to truly enjoy passive income. Our brokers can start with finding the deal, negotiating terms, closing the deal, and our property management team handles everything afterward. We have a strategic partnership with Affinity Construction to take care of any rehabilitation or remodeling needs you may have. Reap all the rewards without having to manage all the headaches!

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